pydball - Python database module

pydball is a python module that wraps DB-API V2 compliant database modules. It has two primary objectives:


  1. Work with all DB-API V2 modules.
  2. Add helpful features.

As of the first release, it should work with all DB-API V2 modules. The features I've added are Kevin Jacob's db_row, which gives object-like or dictionary-like access to rows returned by a query. Second, date fields returned as strings are converted to mx.DateTime objects. All features can be turned off.


It functions just like a DB-API V2 module, so there's no new api to learn with exception of initialization. There is an example in the module code.

I wrote this module for myself because I deal with several types of databases and I enjoy programming in Python. I thought that other people might benefit from it, so here it is at